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subway surfers

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    February 18, 2022
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  • Do you want to play some action game for fun on your phone? Then you can play Subway Surfers which is a fun and jolly game with some actions. The best part of this game is the gameplay as well as the features. You can play this game to have a fun and casual time. It is currently ranked as one of the top 5 best games in action genre. If you are interested in playing this game, then you need to learn more about the features and gameplay. Read on to get all the details about this game.

    Gameplay and features

    Talking about the gameplay of Subway Surfers, you must know that this game has a very interesting backstory. This game is based on a person who will surf or run through the subway stealing coins, destroying the properties and more. This is an endless running game where you have to keep on running dodging the barriers, facing the challenges and saving the character from crashing.

    Once you hit any obstructions while running, you can either get caught by the police who will run behind you or the police will start running behind you. But the game is full of options, chances and surprises. You can jump on the trains, slide through the tracks to avoid the crash and more.

    Along with this, we also must mention the stunning graphics that this game comes along. You can enjoy bright and crisp clear picture quality. Some of the features that you will love in this game are:

    * Unlimited challenges while running

    * Collect the coins and various other collectibles

    * Use keys to gain another chance to run

    * Run to beat your friends

    * Challenge your friends with a new high score

    * Double tap on the screen to use the hoverboard

    * Vivid graphics quality with lightning fast interface

    You can enjoy all these amazing features as a part of the gameplay making this game even more interesting and amazing. It is a free to get and play game which you can easily get and start playing it. Want some great tips to play? Below are some tips that can help you.

    Tips and tricks

    If you are interested in playing Subway Surfers, then you must get started today! You will love this game and how it turns out to be. But before you start to play, we will like to give you some essential tips and tricks that can help you in playing this game more efficiently. Here are the tips –


    You can play this game using your real money to enjoy some great boosters. These boosters can enhance your gameplay. But also, you can get these boosters for free by collecting the collectibles. So, do not miss them while running.


    Focus on collecting the coins while running on the subway. You can use these coins to redeem some of the best items in the market that can benefit your game in a positive way. But while collecting, make sure to face the challenges in the best way possible.


    Use the special tools and equipment in the game for better results. You can use the sneakers that can help you to jump higher in the game. Also, it comes with some tools that you can collect fly in the sky to some extent.


    You can double tap on the screen while you are running in the game. This will help you to get the hoverboard. Running with the hoverboard can be beneficial. You can survive one crash efficiently if you have the hoverboard on.

    TIP 5

    Use the keys that you collect to get another chance or life in the game. It will allow you to start the game that you were playing by reviving your character. You can start from the exact spot where you were caught or ran over.

    These are some of the essential tips and tricks that you can apply while you are playing Subway Surfers. As you can see the gameplay is quite amazing and you will totally love this game throughout. It is an interesting and fun game that you can play while relaxing or having a casual time. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get Subway Surfers today!


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