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  • The marketing team behind the famous Playrix's Scapes series should be credited for applying such a unique strategy to promote Homescapes. The fun gameplay of this causal home decorating game was highlighted in form of the game's advertisement which was seen on every app and website. Viewers got intrigued and ended up playing the game just to get the taste of the colorful match-3 levels challenges.

    Within seconds you can get hooked on this exciting yet chill game, and this is why the game has become so popular and well-loved among casual gamers. So, if you also want to play Homescapes, then go right ahead. You will not be disappointed as the game offers addicting gameplay with fantastic characters, an interesting storyline with a huge mansion to decorate along the way, and an adorable pet that you can name.

    Homescapes will never be boring as you can make the gameplay much more fun and interesting with some veterans’ favorite tips and tricks. To ensure Homescapes becomes your escape from the dullness of reality, a bit on its gameplay and these tried-and-tested tips and tricks have been discussed next. So, read on to know more.

    You will be following Austin and helping him to win levels that combine match-3 puzzles with interior decor elements. You can earn stars after completing these fun puzzles that can be used to replace old wallpaper, carpet, furniture, and other objects in the huge virtual mansion (Austin's childhood home) with cool new ones.

    The interesting gameplay of Homescapes is easy-to-grab and the game's interface is quite easy-to-navigate. The gameplay is designed to test your intelligence and quick thinking. The game will keep you on your toes with different fun story elements, daily quests, mini-games, and other mechanics. As the game will give you goals to complete, you will keep on coming back to advance the levels and keep moving forward in this stylized simulation game.

    The gameplay will not lose momentum as the levels will get harder as you progress in Homescapes. So, it is true that after a point, advancing the levels will not be as easy as 1-2-3. So, check out the following tips and tricks that veteran Gardenscapes and Homescapes players use to get the most out of this entertaining mobile game:

    * Let the Game Guide You

    You will not be on any time crunch; thus, do not panic if you are stuck and can't find a match to make at a particular level. Remain idle when stuck and the game will highlight/show the best move that you can make during this time. Select a 4- or 5-piece match or a move that will produce a booster for a better result.

    * Get Familiar With the Different Boosters

    Boosters can be placed on the board before starting a level and can also be created on the board when playing. They can effectively help you out of a sticky situation. Match 4 pieces in a column or a row for a "Rocket" and 5 pieces in an L shape together for a "Bomb". Another powerful booster to know about is the "Paper Plane" which will come to your rescue when you match 4 pieces in a square formation. The best booster of this home decor game is called the "Rainbow Ball" that you can get by matching 5 pieces in a column or a row.

    * Taking Advantage of Infinite Retry Booster

    Take your daily goals seriously and fill up the mission meter that you can see in the game's guidebook. You will be awarded a gift box that comes with advantages including boosters and lives that will come in form of an infinite retry. When you get this advantage, strategize your gameplay effectively and keep on going through levels to gather as many stars as possible.

    * Do not Forget Your Daily Prizes

    Even if you do not play the puzzles or goals or mini-games, still open the game once a day so that you do not miss out on the daily prizes. Unlock the calendar feature to get these free goodies that come in form of boosters and more. These collected daily prizes will surely help you to beat tough levels and advance faster and have more fun.

    Some amazing tips and tricks, right? They are perfect for beginners who are looking for ways to advance quicker in Homescapes without using any cheat codes. These effective, and more importantly, simple tips and tricks will set in your mind better if use them more often. So, do practice them on lower levels as much as possible to ensure you can use them constructively at higher levels that are harder to crack.


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