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Talking Tom Gold Run

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    Jan 4, 2023
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    Action   Adventure   Hypercasual  
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    Google Play App Store
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    Outfit7 Limited
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  • The studio responsible for gifting the original Talking Tom sensation, when iPhones were new in the market, has come up with an exciting runner mobile game featuring the famous tomcat and his fantastic bunch of friends. This action-packed stylized, platformer game is fun and engaging yet can get on your nerves sometimes. The good news is that some simple yet effective tips and tricks can make Talking Tom Gold Run more exhilarating and gripping. So, do continue reading as everything to become a pro at this fun cartoon-style single-player game is mentioned next.

    The straightforward gameplay is as simple as these endless runner-style games are supposed to be. So, you have to control the Talking Tom character and make him chase after the evil raccoon that has fleed with all the gold. One thing that makes this offline arcade-style game unique is that with the collected gold you can do so much more like unlocking many favorite Talking Tom characters including Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Angela. You can also use the gold to upgrade Tom's look and house to your heart's content.

    Interesting conversation with Tom Gold running tips and tricks to grab all the gold

    Become a pro at snatching all the gold with the following easy yet effective tips and tricks:

    * Choosing the Right Moves

    If you choose the path correctly, your gameplay will get smoother. You have to come up with effective strategies to overcome the environmental hazards that are placed through the different levels. Jumping over or onto items will become more difficult as the game progresses. Do not jump early if you want to land successfully. Instead, consider jumping when you are about to fall. A trick to last longer in this game is actively avoiding long jumps and sticking to the straight route as much as possible.

    * Understanding Power-Ups

    There are plenty of powerups in this game but only some can provide the boost you need to score big and collect more. Keep an eye out for a magnet, a helmet, a rocket, 2x Score, and 2x Gold bars. The game tries to lure players to more dangerous routes with many attractive power-ups; thus, do not fall for it and stick to a safe route only.

    * Benefits of Building and Upgrading Homes

    On the main menu page, you will find the bricks icon. Tap on the icon and you will be taken to the home of the character that you freshly unlocked in the game. The gameplay here involves you building and upgrading the house, and you should not neglect to do this as it comes with many benefits. You can score a multiplier that will go up by x1 every time you make an upgrade to the house. So, until your next run, try to keep on upgrading it as much as possible to get the most out of it.

    * Importance of Treasure-Filled Vaults

    Consider spending your collected gold bricks on Vault rewards as well from time to time. So, invest the collected gold in buying a Vault as soon as possible in the game. With vaults, you can expect diamonds, plus extra dynamite, and power-up upgrades. So, try to get Diamond Vaults and Timed Vaults quickly.

    Must-know tips for all players talking about Tom Gold Run

    Here are some tips that all players of this game should know:

    * To get a good amount of diamonds and attractive upgrades, play the videos non-stop or as much as possible

    * If 3000 or more gold is earned, consider using dynamite to double the total number of earned gold

    * Use dynamite also to restart a race only if it is two to four pieces or to save it for upgrading the house via the Diamond vault

    * As the vault takes a few hours to open, do start the timer on the vault as soon as possible

    * To get an idea of where to path for a few seconds before the robber disappears, keep a close eye on the pesky robber

    * Take the tunnels and stay off the streets as they are much safer

    * From street level, avoid jumping onto or over a truck/bus

    * You can side-swipe obstacles to not die occasionally and get away with it

    Now that the guide to make Talking Tom Gold Run more fun and interesting has been concluded, all that is left to mention here is that you have to keep on practicing your gameplay while implementing these mentioned tips and tricks, and no matter which level you are, you will surely be able to grab all the gold and end the terror of Roy Raccoon for good.


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