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Hungry Shark World

The Hungry Shark World is a game so popular that it has even taken the world by storm; you are now invited to explore the mysterious ocean freely as you take control of a shark to reign supreme in the ocean world. You need to eat everything in order to survive, whether it is aquatic products, or other sea creatures. The game is simple, but not without difficulties and challenges you need to master a lot of skills in it to survive until the end of time!

Game features.

The game theme is relatively new, in the mysterious and dangerous world of the sea to explore the adventure, together to experience a new mode of play.

The game provides players with a large number of shark species and marine life, and a variety of props and skins can be unlocked to use.

The game is made in 3D, the ocean world under the sea is very exquisite; coral, starfish, waves, the sun shines down the light and shadow and marine life swimming posture, rendered very lifelike, as if you are in the ocean.

There are three mysterious oceans to explore, the Pacific Islands, the Arctic Ocean, the Arabian Sea, each ocean exists in different creatures and dangers, so it is more selective and more interesting to play.

There are a variety of sharks in the game, each with different abilities, and players who want to experience them; they can use the gold they get in the game to unlock them in turn. You can also use the coins to upgrade the shark's attack speed bite ability to make it look more powerful and dominate the underwater world.

Players who like to play games like adventure exploration, "Hungry Shark World" this will be a good choice, come and join in!

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    April 18, 2022
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    3D   Adventure   Boys   Hypercasual   Animals  
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    5.0 and up
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    Google Play App Store
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    Ubisoft Entertainment
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  • After entering the game, players control the shark to hunt; swipe on the left screen to control its swimming direction, and long press on the right screen to make it accelerate. The shark's life value will constantly drop, so players can only make continuous hunting; to survive. The model of the shark will limit the food he eats, eat their own size can eat things, like the early words it is best not to touch such as jellyfish, tougher sharks, large crabs and so on, you can not eat them but also kill; for example, you are a small shark in the early stage, you can eat some small spider crabs, large green sharks, medium crabs and so on. You become a medium shark when you improve a certain offensive and speed ability; you can eat big turtles, dolphins, narwhals, big crabs and so on. By the time you become a large shark, you are invincible and can eat killer whales, atomic sharks, zombie sharks and black magic sharks, etc. Players in control of the shark in the bottom of the sea to explore; to avoid the hidden underwater mines, mines are deadly to sharks. Be careful! Don't stay next to the oil barrels, the leaking oil will make the shark's life value drop rapidly. When there is little life left, you can eat small sharks, whales, octopus and even vultures to restore life.

    There are two main types of tokens in the game: gold and diamonds. Gold is mainly liquidated at the end of the game and is obtained through the food the player hunts and the time he survives, and to get more gold you have to eat a lot of food and survive for a long time. There is some difficulty in getting masonry; it takes a lot of your time to watch ads and hunt for the rarer sea creatures in the ocean to get it.

    You want to use different types of sharks. The first way is that you can buy them with diamonds if you use them directly. The second way, this method requires a certain amount of time, keep playing the game to get points, use the points to unlock and then use the gold to buy. The degree of freedom of the game is very high, even the shark can sprint to shore, can eat the human above the shore.


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