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Big Hunter

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    Jul 15, 2022
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    Action   Adventure   Boys   Hypercasual  
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    Google Play App Store
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    Kakarod Interactive
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  • Are you looking for a new concept mobile game that can offer you fun, entertainment as well as action? Then, you can surely choose to play Big Hunter which is a game based on hunting. This game can port you virtually into a pre-historic era when huge and big animals used to roam around. You need to hunt those animals and survive. Want to know more about this game? Read on.

    The game of Big Hunter is based on an interesting story. Once upon a time, long back, a bushman tribe used to live in an outback town. During that time, the town was suffering from back to back droughts. For that, many people are starving to death. In order to survive, the leader of the tribe has to go out every night for hunting.

    This game is based on dynamic physics and you have to hunt down the primeval animals that are huge and gigantic in nature. You will have axe, boomerang and spears to hunt and kill these animals. Your main aim here is to become the best and the most efficient hunter with the best type of weapon. The gameplay being really amazing and fun, you will enjoy it thoroughly. Overall, the game is very easy to control. The best part is the touch of hitting. As the game is based on dynamic physics, you need to figure out the right way to hit the animals in order to be successful.

    Besides all these, there are some really amazing features that you can enjoy in this game. Here are some of the best features that you will love:

    * Comes with an outstanding yet a very simple graphic design

    * Amazing sound effects in the game

    * Action-packed hunting game with dynamic physics related theories

    * A very interesting background story to tell

    * Compete with different players (hunters) across the world

    * Get your ranks higher to stand out

    * Have the best gaming experience with high resolution graphics

    Whether you play this game on your mobile phone or tablet, it is going to be quite interesting for you. The best part of this game is crisp clear graphics quality along with the sound effect. You need to hunt animals in order to survive. So, get ready with your weapons and start to hunt down animals. Does this game sound fun and interesting to you? Then, why to wait? Get this game today!

    With the help of some helpful tips and strategies, it will be much easier for you to play Big Hunter. Here are some of the important tips that you can follow in order to get better at this game:

    TIP #1

    Choose the right weapon according to the animals. You will have the weapons that people used to use in prehistoric period. But you need to use those weapons in the right way. Make sure to use them all to hunt and survive.

    TIP #2

    Use the dynamic physics to hunt those animals for your meal. You have to brainstorm some strategies to use the weapons in the best way possible so that it turns out to be a perfect piece of physics for you. Keep the distance, rotation and speed in mind while hunting.

    TIP #3

    Different animals can be hunted in different ways. You have to figure out how to efficiently attack that animal so that you can win against it and kill it successfully.

    TIP #4

    Make sure to focus on the ranking as that will judge your position in the leadership board. You need to make sure that you are playing efficiently and getting the best result.

    With the stunning graphics and realistic sound effects, Big Hunter can be a great game to play. It has a very impressive story that you will be able to explore. What is more amazing about this game is that you can enjoy physics based attributes. So, this game is not about random attack. Every move is based on physics and you can master the moves really well if you keep on playing. So, try out this game today and you will love it! You can get this game for free and start to play it on your phone or tablet.


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