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Getting Over It

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    Jul 26, 2021
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    Bennett Foddy
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  • Have you ever come across a video game that’s both weird and frustratingly hard to play? If not, you should try considering Getting Over It. This game is designed by the famous man Bennet Foddy who created CLOP, GIRP, and QWOP earlier. No wonder, Getting Over It is another hardest game in the closet.

    The game gives you weird control settings and tasks that don’t fall in line with the laws of physics. Even players who like challenging tasks have found it annoying. In short, this game is all about trying and trying while tumbling, dragging, and bouncing your way forward until you find a rhythm that works in your favor.

    The gameplay of Getting Over It is quite simple. In the game, you play Diogenes, who is a silent protagonist. He has to climb a mountain made of several objects. To make the task easy for you, Bennett Foddy guides you with his voice-over. You get three stages to complete the game.

    You have to control a probably naked man who is stuck inside a cauldron and help him reach his destination. However, it can be assumed that it might be the end level of the game where the man relieves himself from bondage. To make advancements in the game, you have to use a hammer that the man carries.

    It helps the man climb steep terrain and jump over obstacles. You have to control the hammer’s direction, which is both annoying and challenging. Although you can win the game, the goal becomes harder because of terrible controls along with unreliable physics. Apart from that, a single mistake can restart the game again from the beginning.

    Getting Over It is a punishing game where you have to make progress throughout the game by using a hammer. However, with lots of practice, you can climb, fly, swing, and even jump effortlessly. Below listed are the main highlighting features of the game.

    * It’s a great water-themed game that helps to reduce frustrations for some time

    * The game becomes fun after you start getting hold of it

    * Although the game is easy to pick up, a bit hard to master

    Knowing the game description is one thing while playing the game is different. Here is how to play the Getting Over It the right way.

    1. Reach the Summit

    Everything in the game boils down to one objective: reach the top of the mountain in a single attempt. The first obstacle you would face is a dead tree and you have to know a maneuver to survive the step. Place the hammer beneath you while gently pushing the body off the ground. It generates enough force to launch yourself to decent heights.

    2. Watch Out for the Devil's Bottom

    It’s the first obstacle in the game that most players aren’t aware of. To complete the level, you have to make calculated maneuvers. Be patient and slowly try to move upward.

    3. Be Careful With the Devil's Chimney

    The only trick to manage the situation is to mount the small rock and reach out to the hammer as high as you can on your left side. When you reach toward the lantern, move the hammer quickly while landing it on the lantern. Without resting, fling onto the second one and push harder to reach the top of the chimney.

    The only reward that you receive in Getting Over It is beating the game. Precisely, that’s the biggest reward that a player would love to have. Besides, you have a chat room where you can relax and calm down for some time. You can talk to other people who climbed the mountain and get inspiration. It feels good when you realize that climbing the mountain isn’t that hard.

    There is no denying that Getting Over It is one of the weirdest games that you can find around. It is weird both in terms of game concept and aesthetics. Besides, playing Getting Over It will be a frustrating experiment if you love playing punishing games.

    A single failure is enough to send you back to the start of the game. That’s because the game doesn’t have checkpoints and any scope to save progress. This game is both challenging and frustrating because it is clever and well-designed.


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