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Piano Star : Tap Music Tiles

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    Jan 11, 2023
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  • Display your musical skills by playing with the piano tiles on your mobile screen. Tap on the tiles and play the tune. You have to stay on track with the beat and avoid missing the tiles. You will lose the level if you miss a single tile. The games offer lots of pop and classical music. You can unlock and play different levels. Let us enjoy the gameplay and strategies of this piano tiles game.

    You can start with the slow-moving and easy tiles, after that, move to the advanced quicker-moving tiles, and this way you can unlock more tunes. Click and long press on the long blocks to get the last music. Tap on the numbered tiles frequently and count the numbers until you get zero. You have to beat the highest score while playing a song. The moment you finish playing a song you will get new songs and skins to have a better experience. When you beat the highest scores, you will get diamonds as a reward. Check the updates to get the popular and new songs and add them to your playlist. Also, Christmas is here, you will get more new tunes. You can play and enjoy the music, just follow the rhythm. You can play the best relaxing music and music styles such as R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM, J-pop, K-pop, Classic Piano, and Pop.

    Based on how you score in the game, you will get diamonds. You can use the diamonds later to buy levels and buy things in the game. You can save them up to purchase later. You can also purchase diamonds, and you will get these as rewards. You can watch ad videos to earn gems for free.

    Piano Star Tap Music Tiles is a piano game. You will find out more about the game steps when you keep playing it. You will find more fun when you fully grasp the game's features.

    The game is full of fun and excitement. You can play this game properly when you understand the features. Let’s look at the best features of Piano Star Tap Music Tiles.

    * Get more free diamonds to unlock popular and new songs

    * Play with offline and PVP modes

    * Many new modes are coming

    * Get new songs on your playlist

    Once you understand the features of this game, you are ready to dive into the strategies. The game is easy and fun to play, but once you understand the strategies, it will be easier. So, let’s take a look at the below points.

    Tap the Black Titles

    You have to tap on the black colored tiles quickly to catch up with the tune. Keep tapping on the black tiles to move faster with the song. Keep counting the numbers till it goes to zero. Make sure to land your fingers rightly on the tiles. Make sure to check your moves.

    Press and Hold on to the Long Titles

    You have to tap and hold on to the long piano tiles. This will keep the beat in a row, and you can grasp the music. You have to keep doing it several times to win the level. Once you complete one level, you can move on to the next song on your playlist. You can do new and popular songs each day.

    Don't Miss the Titles

    Make sure you never miss a single tile, while playing the game. Once you miss a tile, you will lose the level, you will have to try again. If this keeps happening you will lose lives and you have to wait for it to renew. You can buy lives with diamonds too, but if you don’t have sufficient diamonds, you have to purchase them from the app using real money.

    Piano Star Tap Music Tiles offers diamonds after you complete the missions and quests. Diamonds are the premium currency in this game. You can buy diamonds with real money from the app store.

    Piano Star Tap Music Tiles is a piano tiles game, where you have to tap on the magic tiles to hit the perfect notes each time to get higher scores. You just need to apply the right strategies to win the game. There are various possibilities in this game, and once you complete the challenges there are diamonds as rewards.

    This is piano tiles gameplay, where you can use your fingers to complete the quests. If you loved playing it, share your opinion, so others can enjoy the game too, and give their feedback.


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