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Hill Climb Racing 2

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    Dec 19, 2022
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  • One of the best things about casual racing games is that you will never have a dull moment when playing. The classic Hill Climb Racing mobile game is no different. Get to defy the law of physics in some cool-looking vehicles and explore unique locations (stages) in this cartoon, stylized game that is also playable offline! This racing game is ideal for casual gamers because of its easy-to-grab gameplay and amazing optimization options. Yes, this game offers the option to play with minimal memory requirements as you can play it on both low- and high-resolution devices.

    If you want to give this trending stunt driving game a try, or if you are looking for a way to beat this game, you are definitely in the right place. Next, some simple and effectual tips to conquer the unique, fun gameplay of Hill Climb Racing are discussed. So, to ensure you have a satisfactory gaming experience, do read on and get to know these must-know tips.

    With the addition of the main character, Newton Bill, the gameplay of this single-player game has become much more interesting than other casual racing games out there. Explore more than 28 driving stages or hills that will take you to many different locations along with Bill including a Nuclear Plant, the legendary Ragnarok, and the Moon. Of course, virtual vehicles are available via gameplay and play a critical part in Hill Climb Racing. As a player, you can unlock and upgrade more than 29 vehicles. The vehicle options include a monster truck, one-wheeler, motocross bike, hippie van, tractor, tourist bus, quad bike, super offroad, race car, snowmobile, fire truck, ambulance, police car, and many more along with the Hill Cimber.

    The task is quite simple: the players will face challenges in the disguise of hill climbing environments with the many different vehicles mentioned previously. So, to beat this exhilarating gameplay, you must collect enough coins and/or bonuses with daring tricks and upgrade your cars to climb higher than before in this game. You need to be on the lookout for two things: the worn-out gasoline crematorium that runs out of fuel quickly and Bill's stout neck.

    Check out the following tips that every player interested in this mobile driving game needs to know:

    * No Need for Speed

    To win at any racing game, you have to consider the full acceleration of your vehicle. However, the concept of this game is more of the slow-and-steady type. Instead of blazing at full speed, manage the speed of the vehicle to ensure you do not lose control and end up breaking Bill's neck. Your vehicle will flip over more if you speed up unnecessarily. So, consider first pressing down on the accelerate button. After that just tap and release it as the speed keeps on increasing to avoid this nightmare.

    * Utilizing the Brakes Accurately

    Make use of the Garage mode (which allows you to build and drive vehicles only) to master the break. If you are not hitting the break properly, the vehicle will flip over, and poor Bill's neck will break instantly. Use the break immediately when you feel that your vehicle is flipping over to go back to a desirable position on the virtual hill that you have to climb.

    * Considering the Right Upgrades

    If you find climbing steep hills is getting tougher in Hill Climb Racing, consider upgrading your vehicle with the help of the virtual coins collected while playing. Upgrading 4WD will help you to handle the vehicle better, tire upgrades will lead to accurate accelerating and braking, and consider upgrading the engine to climb steep hills with ease. For the overall handling of your vehicle in this game, consider upgrading the suspension.

    * Keeping an Eye on the Fuel Level

    It's game over if you run out of fuel. If you go too slow, you will end up consuming more fuel. You should try grabbing gas/fuel canisters as much as possible and driving the vehicle at a steady speed to ensure you do not run out of fuel.

    So, these are the easy tips that will ensure you can crack this challenging game from the get-go. If you have already tried out this game, you must have realized that you must learn how to evolve your gameplay with these tips mentioned above to get the desired number of coins and the expected outcome. So, practice them as much as possible to master them, as then only you can use them effectively to advance in Hill Climb Racing as desired.


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