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Toca Life World

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    Feb 16, 2022
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    Baby   Hypercasual   Kids   Dress Up   Cartoon   Educational  
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    Toca Boca AB
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  • If your guilty pleasure happens to be playing cute life stimulation game, you must have heard about Toca Life World. This top-grossing educational yet relaxing game has all the potential to become your favorite method of unwinding after a long, demanding day. This game has gained such a huge following as it allows players to have fun with your other Toca Life apps including Office, Vacation, City, Hospital, and more in one place.

    The game has provided you with 39 characters, 8 locations, and a ton of different objects that can be used to set the gameplay on your own accord. The game is a Sandbox that can be said to be in its purest form. Even though the game is designed to be simple and fun, there are some game secrets and tips bound to make the gameplay or the storyline far more interesting.

    Do you want to know these secrets and tips that no veteran Toca Life World player wants a beginner to know? Well, then read on as next, these secrets have been revealed to ensure you can get the most out of this ultra-fun, stylized mobile game.

    But first, to introduce the Toca Living World play

    The gameplay of this offline game is very easy-to-grab. However, if you are new to this style of gaming, it can get overwhelming and you might not be able to figure out all the fun you can have with the game. So, the first thing that you need to know is that your gameplay will start with you creating a character. For the character's first creation section, the game will provide multiple suggestions to choose from.

    The next section of Toca Life World involves a visit to your first apartment. From here your adventure in this virtual world will start and you will get to meet the main characters, Rita and Nari. Roam around freely in the many location created in the game and get to interact with heroes and have the time of your life.

    You can also equip things in your apartment that you can interact with. For this, you have to use the hammer option as it is used to build new buildings in Toca Life World. Visit the post office when you spot a red circle above your apartment as this indicates you have got a gift. The game will be offering you many gifts that can be collected via your registered email. Do not forget to collect these gifts as they can be used to purchase new things from the game's store and to reveal mini secrets that will make the gameplay more exhilarating.

    Tips and secrets of Toca Life World that every beginner needs to know

    Now, what you were waiting for:

    * Use Different Ingredients to Make New Concoctions

    Finding or borrowing ingredients to make wonderful dishes is possible in this game. But you can take this cooking bit to a whole new level and become a Gross Master Chef. For this, you have to explore the diverse collection of restaurants featured in the game as these establishments will allow you to create your own signature meal.

    * Get Yourself a Secret Phone

    4 phones will be hidden in the game that you have to find. All the ingredients can be found in Bob city and Rita, Nari, Zeke, and Leon will help you to search for these phones. As a player you have to expose all your heroes with the help of the character panel and only after the manipulation, you will be placed with the 4 hidden phones.

    * Keep Your Pet Clean

    Keeping your pet clean is important, especially because the pets in Toca Life World like to get dirty by playing in the mud. To clean your pet, just dip your companion in water and use a sponge to wipe away the dirt. You can even pick up after your pet as the game allows you to scoop up your pet dog’s poop and bag it.

    * Other Secrets to Make it More Fun

    When you are on the little hill, click on the bushes to reveal a hiding spot filled with many different items. You can also find eggs in the park on weird tree branches, so find and click on them. And for a fun surprise, click the hidden button placed in the park under the radio.

    These were some of the best-kept secrets and tips that can make Toca Life World much more interesting and fun. So, do not wait any longer and log in the game to explore these secrets. Of course, it can get a bit difficult to maneuver around in the game. But if you keep on practicing, you will be a pro in no time and will have the best time of your life when playing this casual single-player game.


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