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Heads Up!

Do you feel bored when you spend time with your family or friends? Maybe you need to improve your relationship, and the best way to do that is to find a game that you and your family or friends can play. heads Up! is a free multiplayer fun guessing casual challenge game developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Players can learn some clues from your friends to guess the words on your head.

The game's graphics are beautifully designed and the game content is very rich and varied, the system provides players with a variety of interesting game topics, such as: you can guess the celebrity, guess the movie, guess the TV series, guess the animal to guess the accent, guess the character and so on, you can think of here, you can enjoy playing here, both for fun and leisure time, and can also increase the feeling between you, it's great!

The whole game process can not only test the thinking ability and associative understanding of players, but also match the tacit understanding between players, a large number of questions waiting for you to challenge, to see who guessed the right questions more, do you have the confidence to answer all the questions correctly? Hurry up and invite your friends and family to come along and take on the challenge!

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    Feb 19, 2022
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    Hypercasual   Puzzle   Social  
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    Google Play App Store
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    Warner Bros. International Enterprises
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  • The game play is very simple, similar to you draw me guess, players can choose one person to guess the word, you need to choose a word in many card categories, such as guess celebrities, guess movies, guess TV series, guess animals to guess accents, guess characters and so on, after the selection, put your phone on your forehead, the word to the player who gave you the description, you need to learn some clues from your friend's description, answer the correct answer before the timer runs out.

    If the player answers correctly, you can flip your phone screen down and it will automatically go to the next question. If the player really can't answer, or answer wrong, don't worry, there is a way to help you, you can choose to skip, flip your phone screen up more than 50 degrees, you can skip, skip the word will not calculate any score.

    If you are a descriptor, the only requirement is that you cannot say any of the words in the phrase, including the use of translations from other languages is also not allowed. The player who answers more questions in the allotted time, i.e. the player with the most points at the end, will win.

    Players can also save funny clips from the game to keep it forever as a memory of your family game fun night!


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