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    Nov 21, 2022
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  • This is a builder's paradise where you can use your imagination endlessly to create and develop your own unique town. You will find a variety of hidden props and more and more game resources to make your town more prosperous. A variety of activities and events will allow you to meet more like-minded friends. Come on! Come and run your dream town!

    township is a traditional farming simulation game, with farming and city building as the main gameplay. Players can plant crops, raise livestock, build factories, trade, etc. to form a complete industrial chain for the whole city. Players will also unlock new props and more gameplay after reaching a certain level.

    The game to develop the town as the main line, first players need to have buildings, buildings are divided into houses, community buildings, factories, farming, decorations and so on, the game will start with a short tutorial, players need to follow the tutorial to plant and farming. The crops that need to be planted are generally wheat, corn, carrots, tomatoes, rubber, etc. The animals to be farmed are cows, chickens, sheep and pigs. Then the mature crops and agricultural by-products will be put into various factories for processing, and the processed products will be put into the granary, and the player will get gold and experience value after the corresponding products are transported by plane or train according to the customer's demand.

    According to the demand of the guests, players need to keep building farmland in the later stage, farmland needs to reach a certain number of city population to unlock, and the city population needs to reach a certain number of community buildings to increase, materials for building community buildings are transported by train, players need to fill the train according to the demand, and then the train will leave to bring the building materials.

    The buildings that can increase the city population in the game are houses and community buildings, different types of houses and community buildings, they increase the number of people differently. Huts can add 5 people, other types of huts can add anywhere from 10 to 20 people, and for community buildings, grocery stores can add 15 people, schools can add 20 people, hospitals can add 25 people, and police stations can add 30 people. Of course, each kind of building has a certain limit on the number of people to build.

    The main vehicles in the game are trains, planes and helicopters. Planes can be used to get building materials and gems, trains can be exchanged for building materials and gunpowder, and helicopters can be used to earn experience. The building materials in the game are relatively scarce, and a lot of building materials are needed to build factories, so players need to exchange for more building materials through transportation later.

    If you want to get more cash, you can add more than one friend in the game, and you can get cash by visiting your friend's town to find the golden balloon every day. In your own town, the system will also send a different number of golden balloons every day.

    When players reach a certain level, they can also join a cooperative, in which they can ask other players to give themselves help, and players themselves can help other players.

    As a free farm management game, clean and warm game graphics and rich and wonderful game content allow players to immerse themselves in this game, and you can witness the growth of the town along the way!


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