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Garena Free Fire

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    Jan 11, 2023
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    Action   Adventure   Social  
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    Google Play App Store
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    Garena International I
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    1.5 GB


  • Garena Free Fire: Rampage is an action game that requires full concentration. You must aim your gun precisely to shoot the opponent before they can shoot you down. The game can be challenging because many players want to kill you. To survive, you must be the first one to shoot down the opponents.

    Rampage: New Dawn Mode

    Rampage: New Dawn mode is an exciting new addition to Garena Free Fire. This new game mode will allow players to collect runes scattered across the map and use them to enhance their characters. This game mode is similar to battle royale and has 20 new features. It also features new characters. The new game mode allows players to play as all of their favorite characters.

    Players can earn Rampage tokens from the new game mode. To collect Rampage tokens, players will have to play in-game matches and defeat challenges. Then, players will be rewarded with skins and cosmetics for their characters.

    Team Battle Mode

    The team battle mode in Garena Free Fire: RAMPAGE Game allows players to compete against other players from different teams. Players compete in team battles, which entails coordinating and working with others to complete objectives. The goal of the game is to reach 100 points before your opponent.

    To help you reach this goal, you can also equip yourself with an extra costume that will spawn on the map, which will provide you with special powers.

    In Team battle mode, players can choose their team, which can be made up of three or more players. The game offers several different maps. Each map has three different levels, each with its unique difficulty curve. Players can choose from a variety of weapons. In a team battle, players can choose the weapon that will be most effective for their team.

    Transforming Suit

    You can transform your character in the game by using the Rampage costume. This will give you an edge over your opponents and will grant you special attributes. It is also a good idea to have a friend join you in the game. This way, you can win prizes like 99 weapon vouchers or a Dead box skin.

    The game has a near-monthly update cycle, which means you can expect to see new features every once in a while. You can even get a MAX version, which allows you to access in-game content.

    Safe Zone Shrinking

    While playing Garena Free Fire: Rampage, you must be aware of the safety measure of the safe zone. This measure can save you from getting entrapped and being killed by other players. It can be seen in the upper right corner of your screen. It indicates the number of players who are active in a round.

    In Free Fire, the safe zone shrinks rapidly with time. This means that a player must quickly grab a weapon if he can before the safe zone shrinks. Often, inexperienced players mistime the shrinking of the safe zone. So, it's important to keep checking your maps regularly.

    Voice Chat

    Voice chat in Garena Free Fire: RAMPAGE can be a huge advantage, especially if you're playing the game online with others. This feature allows players to communicate with one another in real time, which is very useful for creating and executing strategies.

    To turn on the voice chat feature, go to the microphone symbol located in the top right corner of the lobby screen, or on the top left corner of the game screen, next to the map.

    Custom Items

    The game will allow you to customize your weapons and cosmetics, and it will also feature a new event campaign and limited-time game mode. In addition to the new items, you'll also find a new Rampage theme song, created by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

    The free game mode, which is reminiscent of Battle Royale, introduces special runes that can increase a character's stats or unlock special attributes. In addition, players can use these runes to unlock the skills of all four protagonists.

    Daily Sign-in

    You can get a daily sign-in by doing several tasks. For example, if you spend ten minutes daily, you can get the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle for free. Similarly, if you spend one hour a day playing the Rampage mode, you will get a bonus item called the Earthshaker Stomp pan.

    Expert Advice: The game is highly competitive, so planning your strategy is crucial to success. You'll need to be extremely focused since every second counts and a simple mistake can cost you your life. The game requires you to be alert and on your game, and it's easy to become overwhelmed by all the other players' firepower and abilities. To prevent this from happening, make sure to plan your landing carefully.


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    i want play free fire


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    I think the first time i played this game was 5 years ago. And ive never played it ever again after that day, shortly said i like food.


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    Love free fire


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