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Dragon Ball Legends

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    Jan 24, 2023
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    6.0 and up
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    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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  • Dragon Ball Legends is an ultimate action game with the power of the Dragon Ball heroes. You can master the game and enjoy a lot of action with your favorite heroes. Besides, the animations and epic 3D visuals will create an exciting setting to explore the action world more. You will have above 400 characters you can train and build your team for the battle that you need to fight to win the game. You can add Frieza, Broly, Trunks, Vegeta, Goku, and Piccolo to your team. You can imagine how powerful you will be in the company of these heroes.

    Build your team, explore the action world, and play through classic sagas. You can explore a new adventure with all your favorite heroes while playing Dragon Ball Legends. Understand the specific qualities of your heroes and then add them to your team to get more benefits. You can go through the following to understand the gameplay, stay safe, and perform well when exploring the world of actions.

    Dragon Ball Legends is an action-packed game that can entertain players with actions and adventures. It features intuitive fighting controls, stunning visuals, 3D animation, and card-based strategic gameplay to bring anime to life. All the great heroes and evil villains of the DB characters will be in the game to start a battle. All will have some specific qualities to serve different purposes. Hence, you need to be watchful while choosing them. The best thing about this game is that you can summon your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball series, including DBS, DBZ, and DBGT. You can explore action more when fighting against others across the globe.

    The game will have intuitive controls to create a preferable setting for players. You can control your enemies and fighters in 3D and add actions to make the game more exciting. You can attack your opponents in real-time, use your cards, counterattack others, and build combos.

    Dragon Ball Legends is a unique game that focuses on actions. However, you can expect actions from your favorite characters and have more fun. You can choose the best characters to build your team. Also, there will be some features that you can use to level up them and make them better capable. You can start with the story mode since it is easy, and you can play without skills. Gradually, you can unlock others, including PVP and event modes. The PVP mode will enable you to fight against other players. You can fight with global players, improve your rank, and earn rewards and medals. Use medals to have blue, yellow, and red souls.

    Initially, the challenges will be less, but you will have more competition at advanced levels. Once you receive a high rank, you will have to play with high-level players and need more preparation to win the game.

    The game will have 400 characters you can use to build your team. You can have six of them for your team. Instead of choosing any, know the capability of each, and then you can go ahead. You can focus on suitable characters and unlock their potential to play well.

    Play well, win levels, and then you can have more players with you. Train your characters, get training tickets, rank up, and obtain medals. These medals can be supportive since you can use them to buy souls. You can also consider the following tips to perform well when playing Dragon Ball Legends.

    Beginners should stick to the story initially to understand the game. Gradually, you can unlock more characters, game modes, and many items. Spend time in the story mode and unlock new features and characters when progressing further.

    You can do daily summons by spending only 20. Every day, you will have a discounted price of 20 once that you can use to grow your roster.

    Your team will play a determining role in your success. Therefore, pay all your attention and find the characters that can support lots of actions and unlock the potential of characters.

    Dragon Ball Legends is a challenging but action-packed game where you can use the characters of your favorite heroes and build your team. Play this game, hone your skills, and develop winning strategies.


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