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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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    April 13, 2019
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    Action   Adventure   GTA  
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  • This casual action-adventure game was released in the year 2004, yet it's still the most-grossing game of this genre. So, wondering if all the hype behind this is worth it or not, go ahead and try out the game to see for yourself. You soon will become engrossed in the gameplay and you will have the time of your life!

    As having proper control of the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is difficult for beginners, many expert veteran GTA players have shared tips and tricks to help out newbies looking to evolve into a Pro quickly. Next, some of these must-know tips and tricks are mentioned so that you also know the secrets of advancing with ease in this thrilling stylized mobile game. So, do keep on reading!

    As per different surveys, this exciting game is popular because of its gripping storyline that will get you fully invested in the gameplay. You will be introduced to Carl Johnson or CJ and get to feel his sensational rags-to-riches life story. When you will start playing, CJ is framed after he returned home, and he now has to go on an adventure filled with gangs, drugs, and corrupt cops all across the extensive San Andreas so that he can take over the streets and save his family and friends.

    Rockstar Games have spent months perfecting the 70 hours of gameplay that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas can offer to all players. The 3 major cities that you have to know by heart to become a pro in this top action-adventure mobile game are Las Venturas, San Fierro, and the one and only Los Santos.

    Pro Tips: Take advantage of the adjustable graphic settings to tailor your visual gaming experience. The game will provide you with customizable controls with contextual options and 3 control schemes. Make use of them to display the buttons as and when needed for effective and strategic gaming. And lastly, for movement control and the full camera, make use of the dual analog stick controls provided.

    Get a leg up and evolve your gameplay with the following must-know tips for all beginners and returning players:

    * Looking Out for Hot Dog Stands and Vendors

    At the early stage, you can get CJ's health up by making him eat a hot dog. So, make him visit hot dog stands and vendors. They are cheaper options than most restaurants or hospitals at this point in the game.

    * Consider Burglary

    Through house burglary, you can steal items worth $10,000 which will unlock the infinite swim perk, cycle, and sprint. Your gameplay will improve and you will be able to strategize your next move better by taking this route.

    * Who Should be CJ's Girlfriend?

    You will be bombarded with many options, but stick to either Barbara or Katie. Out of the options available, these 2 lovely ladies will be most beneficial for the life of crime that the main character of this action-packed game will be living through your gameplay. Choosing Katie will allow you to keep your weapons and CJ will get his hospital fees waived. You will get the same experience with Barbara except when you are in the busted scenario.

    * Max Out on Which Jobs?

    Consider maxing out the Firefighter Job In Los Santos and then the Paramedic Job (Angel Pine). This Firefighter job will help CJ to stay healthy and get cash as a reward for taking out fires around the neighborhood. Make CJ fireproof by reaching level 12 by maxing out the Firefighter rank. After that, try the Paramedic mission to raise your health to 200%. Consider Angel Pine in Montgomery or Whetstone in Red County for an easy ride.

    * Improving Your Shooting Skills Made Easy

    To advance quickly in this game, you have to make CJ max out on the skill of shooting. You can do this quickly by continuously shooting parked cars near the garage of Sweet's home. You can use any gun of your choice for this. Stop only when the particular car starts smoking and park it inside Sweet's garage. By doing this, you will get a repaired car back which can be used again for the same purpose.

    What you needed to find out has been all laid in front of you. So, the next order of business is understanding that these beginner’s tips for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will not make you a Pro overnight. These tips are helpful and practical, so imprint them into your gaming style so that you know exactly when and where to use them advantageously to advance in the game as desired.


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