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The Room

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    Feb 23, 2021
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    Fireproof Studios Limited
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  • The Room is an escape game developed by Fireproof Games. You can play this game on your iPad and iPhone devices. The game has four chapters and you have to find the clues to solve the puzzles. This way you can reach the next levels. This is a brain-teaser game with amazing 3D graphics, it will keep you hooked for a long time. Let us know more about the gameplay and strategies of this puzzle video game.

    The game has a series of rooms, and each of them has several puzzles. The puzzles surround the objects in the rooms, you have to move things, rotate the objects, and find the clues like a key, a letter, or anything that can lead you to solve the puzzle. The Room has intuitive swipes, pinch, and tap gestures. You have to start in a room where there’s a table in front of you. You have to swipe right, left, or up and down to rotate the table and find clues when you zoom the table image. Each table is different, and you will get simple puzzles to solve, which include finding a key, matching up symbols, adding pieces in the right positions, and more. You will get realistic colors in the rooms, with items that will look almost real. Everything in this game will have a sense of deep mystery which may engage you in long-time gameplay. You can take the help of your friend to play this game.

    The Room is a puzzle video game. You will find out more about the game steps when you keep playing it. You will find more fun when you fully grasp the game's features.

    The game will allow you to relax and have fun. You can play this game properly when you understand the features. Let’s look at the best features of The Room.

    * The game is available in languages such as Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and English.

    * The game has new upgrades with an epilogue chapter

    * Play in the deep layer of mystery

    * The game has an amazing play and pick-up design

    * Play with single-finger controls

    * The game platform is based on realistic graphics.

    Once you understand the features of this game, you are ready to dive into the strategies. The game is easy and fun to play, but once you understand the strategies, it will be easier. So, let’s take a look at the below points.

    In the first chapter, you have to spin around the safe, tap two times on the envelope, and zoom in on it to read it. Then slide the letter to one side to find the key. Next, spin the top of the round box to get the keyhole and insert the key to unlock it. You will get an eyepiece here, and even if you try to use it, it will not work. Return to the letter and read it and back out from the safe view this time. You can replay the stories later.

    If you get stuck in the game, you can try manipulating an item from the inventory or moving a section of the puzzle. If you complete the steps in order, it may get you into trouble in the gameplay. You have to use the eyepiece where you find yourself stuck badly. You can click on it to show the secret objects and places that you cannot see with normal vision.

    The Room game is set in the present-day scenario, but the objects and stories are based on older days. This can be a favorite thing for the fans of steampunk fantasy and Downton Abbey. Speaking of the modern settings, if you have completed the chapters, you can share your achievements on Twitter and Facebook at the end of the chapters and when you finish the game.

    The game has no rewards. However, when you complete each room, the sense of happiness will be rewarding for you.

    The Room is a puzzle video game, where you have to find clues and solve the difficult puzzles in each room. There are various possibilities in this game, and once you complete the quests there is monkey money and hearts, as rewards.

    This is puzzle video gameplay, where you have to find clues and solve puzzles. If you loved playing it, share your opinion, so others can enjoy the game too, and give their feedback.


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