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RAID: Shadow Legends

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    January 20, 2022
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    Action   Adventure  
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    Google Play App Store
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    Plarium Global Ltd
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  • If you are a pure 0 krypton player, then you should definitely take a look at this article.

    Pure 0 krypton means that the development of your account does not need to charge any coins, does not require the player to buy any equipment, only some gems or pieces and other equipment provided by the system to develop. In fact, it is not very recommended that such players build a number for 0 krypton themselves, because they can only use rare heroes to build their own number, so the subsequent development of the game will be more difficult. In addition, your cap will also be very low, because there is no way to determine when you draw hero cards yourself, so you can choose to buy an initial account.

    The initial choice of heroes suggested Valkyrie, because in the non-rechargeable state, the amount of fragment acquisition is very small, it takes a long time to extract other cards, so your lineup can only be formed around the initial legendary heroes you buy now, so that our team can not hope to draw a certain card to match. And the union boss is still the highest return, the Valkyrie whether in the union or boss or copy, arena, in fact, is a very good protection role in helping newcomers through the first and middle of the game is very helpful.

    Some people think that Bayer is also a good choice, the copy will be easier, while it will also have lower requirements for equipment, its game experience process may be easier in the early stages, but you reach a certain degree after wanting to go further up is more difficult, because it needs other cards to carry out a match, which can be selected according to the needs of the player! Personally, I think in terms of pure 0 krypton, the Valkyrie in the game of a full range of progress in terms of upgrading, as well as its account eventually reached the ceiling, will be more excellent.

    Development ideas.

    ① First of all, all the early operations are to be able to work will boss priority to spend the middle and early, while this lineup can also be used for copies and arena. If you have Kyle in your account, you can upgrade Kyle to level 60 and then bring dog food, if not, it does not matter, you can use the Valkyrie with dog food, although slower but also more stable. Also need to pay attention to the union team inside each person needs talent, and then fill several other positions, because these positions are working will, bosses inside the more important positions. Note that you must not use other shield heroes and valkyries in the same team.

    ② pure 0 krypton players do not upgrade the training ground, do not open the absences in the early stages, bricks can be left to buy physical strength.

    The game's various sign-ups, task activities to get the fragment rewards to save up, and so double probability draw card.

    Basically 0 krypton players, to reach two or three keys to play full ordinary nightmare highest treasure chest damage requirements, it reached the middle, this time and then more card pool for the next choice.


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