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  • If you ever played with a Tamagotchi, you must try playing Pou, a virtual pet game. The game is available on Android and iOS both. You will find many interactions in this game, and you will earn coins when you complete the levels. You can also buy things for the weird pet, and for that, you need many coins. This will help you buy different items, and make the game fun to play. You can also spend real money to buy things, you will also get money when you play the mini fun games, but you have to complete them. In this article, we are going to describe the gameplay, its strategies, and more with you, so you can understand this virtual pet game, and play it like a pro.

    You will have to use the bedroom to increase the energy of Pou. Tap on the lamp in the hall when your work is done. You can talk with your pet and offer him a walk outside. You can feed the pet in the kitchen, and check the refrigerator for food. Use the laboratory to clean Pou when he is dirty, and you can invent potions that will improve his overall health. You have to play with Pou in the game room with a ball and make him smile. You need to play a lot with the pet, and when he’s hungry feed him with fat-burner food, you have to buy it and then again start playing with Pou. You will get coins when you play the mini-games, you can play Free Fall and Sky Jump to get more coins.

    Pou is a virtual pet game. You will find out more about this fun game when you start to explore its features. The game is all about fun and excitement when you start your journey with this game. You can play this game perfectly when you grasp the gameplay. Let's know properly about the features of Pou.

    * Communicate with Pou and listen to him as well.

    * Visit your friends and play with them

    * Unlock special achievements and items

    * Customize the wallpaper of your room

    * Try out the new eyeglasses, hats, and outfits

    * Customize the appearance of Pou

    * Experiment in the lab and make potions

    * Play with your pet in the game room to collect more coins

    * Take care of the pet and feed him, and watch him grow bigger.

    The game strategies will help you understand the gameplay and you can master it properly. Once you grasp the features, you can start with the strategies. The game is fun and easy to play, but once you understand the rules it will be easier. So, let us read the following points.

    Step 1 - Take Care of Pou

    Feed Pou until he stretches at the side of the mobile screen. This means he is resting after he was fed. You have to give him fat-burning food items and feed potions that will keep the pet healthy.

    Step 2 - Level up

    You need more coins to buy things in this game. You can get it by playing the mini-games. You have to make a health potion for Pou, and it will require coins. You can also buy max and hunger potions in this game using real money. Once you feed the potions or make them, the energy level will increase.

    Step 3 - Save Money

    Food is expensive in this game and you have to pay Pou all the time. However, you can save money here. Check the refrigerator, and look for the food items you have unlocked. The foods you have unlocked have the best energy. You can compare foods based on energy levels. You need to purchase food as much as you can. When the fridge is full, you don’t have to buy more for a while.

    You will get achievements and coins when you feed Pou. You will also get coins when you feed the pet.

    Pou is a virtual pet game, where you have to feed and take care of a virtual pet called Pou. You will find many ways with this game, and once you complete your quests you will get rewards like coins.

    This is virtual pet gameplay, where you have to feed and take care of your virtual pet Pou. If you loved this game, you can share your valuable opinions, so others can play this game with ease, and provide their reviews.


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    i love pou my friend have love pou to go to my house and we will always play till we become to grow old.


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    😍 I absolutely love the game



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    That little guy was so cute !



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    This game was so fun!



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    salve io sono Laura emi piace questo gioco



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