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Time Princess

Among the different types of games, I believe that most female players are more interested in dress up games, such as the childhood love of Barbie, which is perhaps the girls began to develop an interest in raising, dress up games! After growing up clothes and bags and some decorations have become the topic of gossip in the mouth of girls! Now dress up games are endless, want to find out which one is the most innovative? Want to make your character the perfect image in your mind? Time Princess is a role-playing game that simulates the dressing up of a princess, produced and published by IGG. Players can dress up in the game in addition to a variety of styles can also experience the beauty of the early 18th century French Rococo art and the exotic Arabian and Egyptian customs. The background story of the game takes place in the town of paradise, find the magic story book of the character's mother, you can start the adventure of the story ......

Inside the game there are hundreds of gorgeous clothes and accessories waiting for you to unlock, you can create your own role according to the player's preferences, to create your heart what the princess is, you can design clothing DIY creation, show your designer's talent. Can feel the very rich gameplay. Collect a variety of styles of clothing. The game uses the level system, each level has a corresponding theme style, requiring players to match the challenge according to their own requirements hands. See what kind of style your character can present, and compare with other players to see who has a better eye.

There are also cute cat pets, where you can collect all kinds of fancy cats, they will collect all kinds of materials for you to help you easily make gorgeous clothes, no longer need to worry about materials!

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    February 28, 2022
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  • Time Princess game play is the form of passing, each level will give the task theme, players in accordance with the theme given, slide the screen for the role of dressing dressing can be, each level is not the same difficulty, with different, need players to take seriously.

    There is a little trick to pass, that is, the choice of label clothing, many players can not pass the level because the reason is that with the clothing score is not enough, this must be in the upper left corner of the pass before clicking on the guidelines to view the recommended clothing, recommended clothing score higher oh. Try different styles to choose, many times choose the corresponding unlocked levels are different, if the perfect clearance is still not unlocked, then you can try a different choice.

    The game inside the character screen is very delicate, including a variety of game details are handled very well. Super realistic 3D processing technology, soft background music, so that players play this game to bring a better visual and auditory enjoyment.


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