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Project Makeover

Are you a player who likes casual type games? If you are still struggling to find a casual game that is more than just a simple casual game, stop down, the next game to be introduced is more than just a simple casual game, it is a casual simulation game that combines elimination as well as beauty, it is called ------ Project Makeover, it is developed by Magic Tavern, Inc. It is a free beauty-themed triple elimination game developed by Magic Tavern, Inc. Players in the game will play a very avant-garde designer, in short, is a very fashionable transformation of the master, you can provide a variety of accessories, clothing, home and a series of props to help the character to transform, not only to transform the character's own appearance, but also to transform the character's house, to help the character to achieve their dreams, so that they can also walk in the forefront of the trend!

The content of Project Makeover is very rich compared to other games, you can transform from many props, decorations, makeup, hairstyles and so on, and the game also incorporates the element of elimination, which adds to the fun of Project Makeover, players have endless things to do in the game, will not feel the least bit boring!

Game features.

① Project Makeover provides many props that players can pick and choose to create a perfect and suitable look for your character

② The game is rich in content, players can not only transform the characters themselves, but also their bedrooms, so that everything is new!

③ Challenging but addictive puzzles

④ The game graphics are very beautiful and realistic, and players can use their own hands to open a variety of gorgeous scenes, a sense of achievement

Project Makeover is perfect for players who like to play dress up games. If you are looking for a casual game that you can experience for free, get it now!

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    Feb 3, 2023
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  • Project Makeover is a casual game that combines the theme of elimination with the element of dress up, so its gameplay is also quite casual and not too difficult, players play a fashionista in the game, players need to play to eliminate levels to get a variety of hairstyles, clothing, makeup, furniture and so on, so as to help the characters to makeover.

    After entering the game, some players may not know where to start the game, do not worry, the bottom right corner of the game page button can be opened to see what needs to be done next, that we can start with makeup and hair to start! But all transformations in the game cost a certain amount of coins, so let's use some coins to get some props! For example: sunglasses cost 100 coins, scissors cost 100 coins ...... but if your character wears a pair of glasses, you need to remove her glasses to remake her, but it also costs a certain amount of coins to remove the glasses!

    If you don't have enough coins, then you need to play the elimination level so that you can get more coins. The only difference is that there are no steps to limit you in the level, so you need to switch the position of the pattern so that three patterns of the same color can be connected together, but it must be more than three (of course, including three), otherwise you can not eliminate. In addition, if you connect more of the same pattern, then the pattern will constitute different props, such as candy bombs, slide it, it will immediately explode to help you eliminate a large area, after the completion of the elimination, you will get a certain number of gold coins and money, now you can go to the transformation!


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