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Indian Cooking Star: Chef Game

If you're passionate about food, you'll want to experience it in Indian Cooking Star: Chef Game! This game is a restaurant simulation game created by TheAppGuruz Games. It's a fun game to play, experience what it's like to be a chef and have fun with cooking games. You will also have the opportunity to cook classic dishes from all over the world, and you will be able to unlock fancy restaurants, fast food restaurants, Chinese restaurants, dessert restaurants and much more. The game is great fun and you'll learn some useful cooking tips.

About the game: Indian Cooking Star: Chef Game is one of the best cooking games and restaurant management because you can play it for free forever. In this game you can run your own restaurant and cook all kinds of delicious food for your customers, as well as desserts, drinks and a wide range of other things. Decorate your own restaurant. Unlock more recipes with different ingredients, create more delicious food and open new restaurants all over the city to create a food empire.

Indian Cooking Star: Chef Game game highlights.

1. Easy to use, simple to configure and very user-friendly to operate.

2. Satisfy all your customers as much as possible and improve the efficiency of your production.

3、There is a wide range of cuisines from all over the world, cook delicious dishes and tempting desserts from all over the world!

4, the game's graphics are gorgeous and exquisite, the colour scheme makes people feel very comfortable, plus a variety of beautiful dishes make people's mouths water.

5, players can freely match their own restaurant style and decoration, dressed up to become the most popular restaurant customers.

In short, Indian Cooking Star: Chef Game will make your dream of running a restaurant come true, running your own restaurant and providing them with the best quality service and customer satisfaction is your most important goal. And of course the most delicious food. By taking orders from customers, players will prepare and make it with care in the kitchen, so come and try it out!

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  • I'm sure you already know the instructions for Indian Cooking Star: Chef Game, now I'll take you through its gameplay.

    It is very simple to play and here are some of the steps you need to follow. You will be able to play this game perfectly and effectively.

    Step 1: Welcome the Customers

    When your restaurant starts its first day of business, you will have customers coming to taste the food. Each time a customer comes in, she will have a desired food item. It will appear in the box next to her face. It can be a drink, a dessert, a burger, a pasta dish, a pizza. Once you know what the customer wants, you have to click on the screen to start. Once you have clicked on the screen, your job as a chef will begin.

    Step 2: Control Your Time

    When players are cooking food, you have to make it within the time limit and be careful not to keep the customers waiting for too long. You have to time things properly and carry out each step in an organised manner to avoid confusion with too many customers. For example, some food has to be drizzled with toppings after it is finished before you can take it to the customer to taste. If you forget, the customer will not be very satisfied and then correspondingly your earnings will be reduced.

    Step 3: What Are the Rewards For?

    The rewards you get for playing this game are very generous. In addition to the earnings from running the restaurant, you will also be rewarded with gold coins and diamonds if you keep playing and signing in every day. You can use these coins to decorate your restaurant, as a better dining environment will increase the waiting time of your customers. Don't forget to upgrade the kitchen equipment in your restaurant to make cooking more efficient. The more coins you can earn, the more ingredients you can unlock and the more food you can create.


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