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PlayTime.io: All Jumpscare

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    Dec 26, 2022
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    Action   Adventure  
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    Google Play
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    Great Arcade Games
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  • PlayTime.io: All Jumpscare is a mobile game of the horror genre, the whole game is full of tension and excitement, allowing you to experience the fun of survival in the cracks. The game offers two modes for you to choose from, the two modes correspond to different identities, so when you choose the player mode, your main character is to avoid the surrounding monsters and finally survive. And when you choose the identity of the monster, your task at this time is exactly the opposite, you need to catch all the players corresponding to the last to win. It should be noted that each mode has a specified task time, players need to complete the task within the specified time to be considered a victory!

    At the beginning of the game, you need to choose your identity, if you choose the player role, then you need to always observe your surroundings, whether there are pink long-armed monsters appear, you need to avoid them. At the same time, there are other characters around you who are the same as you, and the pink long-armed monsters will chase you around within visual range, so you should always be careful. In this mode, your task is not only to avoid the monsters, you also need to complete the corresponding operations in various locations in this room, the system will give you some tasks, including touching the machines in the room several times, set the temperature of the air conditioner, collect some parts of the room, etc. These tasks need you to complete within the specified time, complete the task at the same time, you have to protect yourself from being caught by the long-armed monster. It's a heart-pounding challenge, so if you're confident in your gaming abilities, come here and take on the challenge, and you'll reap the joy you want to get!

    When the player reaches the achievement of touching all the machines in this abandoned factory, this time the train will appear in front of you, and then you can step on the train and complete more mission challenges!

    If the player wants to challenge the role of the monster, it will be a chase full of joy, because in this mode, you do not have to worry about being caught by the monster, you will play the role of the monster that is feared, at this time, it is necessary for you to catch the specific player character within the specified time, you must always pay attention to the system tasks, follow the task to catch the correct person, and then throw them down the basement lock, before the end of time Catch them before the end of time and get the victory. Here you will experience the fun of being a villain, trying out different game characters will allow you to become more familiar with the game and have a richer gaming experience!

    There are other types of challenges in the game, such as the challenge to test your memory, in this challenge, the player needs to remember the order of the lights, the lights process is over, the player needs to relight the lights in order, there can not be a mistake, so keep your eyes open, look carefully at the order of the lights oh!

    When you finish enough tasks and get rich coins, you can unlock more skins, your character will be more cool, if you want to have more cool skins, then start doing crazy tasks!

    This is a test battle of speed and reaction that will make you work out fast and correct reaction skills in a tense atmosphere, and you will fully appreciate the fun of this game when you master the skills of dodging and catching! Follow the core of the game that you have comprehended and make your own game battle plan, then you will experience the game thinking as a mature player in the game.


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