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Toon Blast

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    Feb 9, 2022
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    Hypercasual   Puzzle  
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  • Toon Blast can take you to the world of bombs and rockets, and you can have lots of fun in a challenging setting. You will find this puzzle game different from other puzzle games since the developer has added many advanced features to take you to the next level. You can explore all the challenges, feel excited, and have a blast. This level-based puzzle game can entertain both beginners and experienced players. While playing this game, you will have to reach the goal of each level to progress further.

    You will find this game super easy to play and can have a lot of fun. You can tap cubes of the same color to blast them and complete levels. You can also combine many items and make combos. However, there will be limited moves, and you can only perform well if you plan your every move. The unique gameplay of the Toon Blast will offer you endless fun. While playing this puzzle game, you will have loads of challenging and whacky levels. You can make combos, blast them, pass game levels, solve puzzles, and enjoy all the magic around you.

    Toon Blast has simple gameplay to make the game accessible for all levels of players. Since it is a puzzle game, you can solve puzzles and blast cubes to move fast. However, you can plan carefully since every level will have limited moves. Once you start playing, you can see a cluster of boxes with different colors. In addition, the game will have crates, balloons, objects, and obstacles. You should clear all those obstacles to move faster and perform well. Know the number of moves and plan accordingly. Once you start playing this game, you can see many boxes with different colors.

    Initially, you will feel Toon Blast is super easy to play, and you can progress fast. However, it is easy to play but hard to master. Any wrong move can cause trouble for you. Hence, careful observation is a must to perform well and dominate the game.

    When playing Toon Blast, you have to follow a few things. Combine colors to blast cubes and destroy your obstacles. In addition, you will have to help your furry friends, including Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear, and Cooper Cat. Know how you can help your friends, and then you can plan accordingly.

    Toon Blast features super easy gameplay. You have to find color combinations to move further and faster. However, the problem is there will be limited moves. Any wrong step can fail you and cause more challenges. Besides, there will be many challenging levels to complete and unlock more features. Develop your strategies and have fun when encountering any obstacles. You can also use boosters to make your way to the next level. You can collect stars and win exciting awards by completing levels.

    Toon Blast is a puzzle game where you will have to solve puzzles, blast cubes, and help your furry friends. All your strategies should revolve around these three aspects. Know the gameplay and have unlimited fun even without any experience. The developer has made the game super easy to play. Hence, you can start without any preparation and research. However, you will need some experience to win this game. Here are a few tips to support your game.

    Gget Rewards

    The game will have boosters and combos that players can use to create blocks and progress faster by destroying obstacles. You will have Rockets, Disco Balls, and Bombs. Every reward will serve a specific purpose, but there will be unique ways to achieve them. For example, you can obtain rockets after clearing five blocks of the same color. Once you have five combinations, tap them to have your rocket and clear rows. Bombs will require seven similar clusters, but Disco Balls will need nine.

    Be Attentive

    There will be many obstacles and objects, including crates, balloons, and many more. Your objective is to combine colors, blast the cubes, and destroy all the things that come your way.

    Focus on Combinations

    Since each level will have limited moves, you must find the right combination to blast within the given steps.

    Toon Blast can be super entertaining if you play with attention. Find the cluster of colors and tap them to make fast progress and unlock new challenges.


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