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Angry Birds 2

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    Jan 18, 2023
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    3D   Hypercasual   Animals  
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    5.0 and up
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    Google Play App Store
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    Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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  • Mobile games can be the best stress buster. You can play them anytime and from anywhere. There are some old school games that are still very popular and have been revived for the second version too. One such game is Angry Birds. Lately, Angry Birds 2 has been introduced and you can play this amazing action game for fun and entertainment. It is one of the top 10 best games in the genre of action. Want to know more about this game? Read on.

    The gameplay of Angry Birds 2 is quite interesting and fun. You can play by simply flinging the birds in the air so that it can hit the enemies and their towers. This will bring the enemies crashing down. But you need to know the background story to understand this gameplay. If you have already played the previous version you will know. Basically, the pigs are the enemies here. They have taken over the nests and eggs of the birds. Also, these pigs have created a tower of their own to protect them.

    You can enjoy all those iconic Angry Birds characters along with a more advanced graphics quality. You can surely have a great experience and fun while playing this game. It can capture your attention as well as your heart. There are some really amazing additions here in the game. So, you can choose the bird that you want to fling and also you can play with your friends here. You can take on different stage levels. You can also collaborate and compete with different players around the world.

    This game comes with some amazing features that will help you to get the best experience. Some of the features are:

    * You can choose the bird you will like to fling

    * There are multiple stage levels

    * Each and every level is fun yet challenging

    * You can join different clans here

    * Impress the mighty eagle to earn more coins

    * Competition will go on in the Arena

    * Try to level up in the leaderboards

    With all these amazing features, Angry Birds 2 is surely the best game that you can play for fun and entertainment. You will love this game! So, what are you waiting for? Let's start to play right now.

    Now that you know the gameplay and features, you must be intrigued to try out this game. If you are a veteran of Angry Birds already, then this game can be quite easy to start for you. But if you are a beginner, then some of the tips can really help you to play this game more efficiently. Here are some of the tips that can be helpful for both experienced and beginners:

    Tip #1: Choose the Bird

    You can choose the bird that you want to fling in the air to destroy the pig tower. Previously, you didn’t have this facility. But now you can choose which bird you want to fling. Make sure to use the birds with the best abilities to get through.

    Tip #2: Take Part in Daily Challenges

    This game will come with some daily challenges. You can complete these challenges as you can earn some quick rewards. You can late on use these rewards to get a better chance of winning.

    Tip #3: Build the Best Flock

    Keep on playing and leveling up. With the help of this, you can level up one by one and unlock different birds. Once you reach the highest levels, you can easily gather a huge flock of the best and the strongest birds in your team.

    These tips will help you to play more efficiently and win the levels more easily. You can start it from the Level 1 and you will love how the levels will get more and more interesting and challenging.

    Let's play this game now! You will love to play Angry Birds 2 and you can also play with your friends to make the most of it. Collect all the essential collectibles in the game, earn rewards and keep on leveling up. This game is surely the best action game that you can play casually just for fun and entertainment. There is no need for brainstorming or creating strategies.


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