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The Game of Life 2

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    Jan 5, 2023
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    Hypercasual   Strategy  
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    Google Play App Store
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    Marmalade Game Studio
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  • The Game of Life 2 is a Monopoly-like simulation game, the entire game consists of a reel through, the player needs to turn the reel to get the numbers, so as to trigger different life options. The game triggers each option requires the player to choose, after the choice you will have a different role, engaged in the type of occupation you choose. After that, you will gain knowledge and wealth and of course happiness value in your life path, which will have a crucial role in your score, where your life path is decided by yourself!

    At the beginning of the game, players can choose the world they want to explore, the game provides two different types of worlds, you can choose the world you are interested in exploring according to your preference.

    After choosing the world, you need to define your character, choose the color pegs belonging to your character, decorate the character's costume, and enrich your character's image. Later in the game, you can also use the rewards you get to unlock more new characters, new costumes, new vehicles, etc.

    The important part of the game is to choose your life path, you can choose to go to college, be a chef, be a pop singer, or get married, have a pet, etc. Each life has a different life experience, you can choose wealth, happiness, or knowledge, it is worth noting that when you choose a good life path after the heart wants to experience another option, do not worry, pay attention to the crossroads you meet afterwards, where you will be given a second chance to choose. So, every life path choice you want to make, as long as you want to experience it, you can take your first step. In short, each life you choose will be rewarded with different rewards and scores, and of course, your final achievement will be determined by your final score.

    In the game, players need to turn the wheel, turn to different numbers will trigger different choice items, you can choose the identity, may also trigger the penalty. Each of your choices will earn you different life points, as well as money and happiness value. You need to accumulate enough money, collect enough happiness value and puzzle pieces, because these can help you achieve different achievements, when you achieve some achievements, you can solve some corresponding difficulties, but also unlock more bonus items. If you want to get more game experience, then accumulate more of these items!

    In this game, if you don't want to do the adventure alone, you can also choose to challenge multiple people together, you can choose three of your relatives or friends to experience this game together, it's better to share your happiness with friends and family!

    The whole design of the game is very realistic and can make you feel the real life. The beautiful 3D graphics make each game scene and character come to life and can take you deep into the game. The board game play makes it possible to get more fun in the game. Each life is designed with great detail so that players can truly experience the integrity of the game content. This life of your own choice is full of unexpected surprises everywhere. If you also want to experience an exclusive and special life path in the game and feel the fun of a different life, then this game is definitely worth a try!


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