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Magica.io - Battle Royale

Magica.io is a mobile battle royale game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES!

Magica.io will be the best Battle Royale game for true leaders! If you like to play fighting type games, then you will want to try Magica.io. This is a high quality action game with excellent quality graphics and various features within the game to double the interest, different heroes are waiting for you to join, no need to be, of course, to come up with a good battle strategy, train a strong team well, win as much as possible on the battlefield and stick to the end! Use your own strength to stop the enemy's attacks and crush them! Fight for survival! Finally don't forget to take away your epic loot and use it to improve your character's combat skills!

Don't forget to take away your epic loot to improve your character's combat skills!

The game supports both online and single-player gameplay. Whether you're a solo player or prefer to play with friends, it's all possible here, with just the right size of battlefield to bring players closer to each other. Over 20 spells to unlock and use. Short battles that last 2 minutes. Over 20 unique heroes. Over 30 types of weapons. Different game modes. Different maps, so what are you waiting for, join in and experience it!

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  • Package Name:
  • Updated Date:
    October 12, 2021
  • Category:
    Hypercasual   Simulation  
  • Requirements:
    4.4 and up
  • Available on:
    Google Play App Store
  • Version:
  • Developer:
    AI Games FZ
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  • If you play and enjoy the chicken genre, then you will love Magica.io.

    The interesting game mode in Magica.io, where players have to survive and be the last one standing in a limited space, is similar to the chicken game in a way.

    But the difference is that Magica.io is a very magical multiplayer game, in which you can use a variety of magic to defeat the enemy, as long as you can be the first to complete the task of killing 20 enemies, is the ultimate winner! Just kill your opponents, you can collect gems to enhance your magic power again, each one has its own specific skills, use a variety of magic to destroy the enemy!

    Here all players are fighting individually, so in the process of moving, be careful of the surrounding opponents, while looking for the right angle to launch your magic energy ball to form a fatal blow to the opponent, and finally in the multiplayer melee efforts to survive to the end.

    Tip: In a world full of magic, the only way to keep yourself safe from any harm is to fight through constant adventure!

    Start a war in Battle Royale format and win an epic magic battle!


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