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Need for Speed Most Wanted

If you like racing games, you won't want to miss Need for Speed Most Wanted, a game that combines the gameplay style of Burnout and Need for Speed with a socially enabled world map! Need for Speed Most Wanted is an open world racing game developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS and is the 17th installment in the Need for Speed series.

The game's graphics are designed to be very gorgeous and realistic, giving players an immersive feeling. The operation is smooth, no lag, and excellent control.

Game features.

① Combination of racing and vehicle modification, a variety of ways to play

② High degree of freedom, players can freely modify and customize the unique car shape

③ A variety of vehicles at your disposal, such as: Porsche, Alfa, etc.

Every detail in the game is well done, the player will be from the scurrying shuttle in the dark tunnel, along with the blinding lights gradually drive out of the tunnel. If the player wants to choose a convenient road to drive, then your car is likely to be impacted by flowers and dust, so that the warm sunlight sprinkled on the tarmac ...... and so on, with these details of embellishment, so that this game reaches a high level of achievement. After joining the game you will enjoy these details on the highway at 150 mph.

There are various modes of gameplay and if the player wants a relaxed racing experience then he can choose to drive freely and drive at leisure in this city! If you want to play a little more exciting, then you can choose police car chase where you will be followed by many police cars and you will also encounter different obstacles. If you want to get some achievements and show your car skills you can choose Most Wanted race, you need to beat the infernal tracking and stop the infernal tracking car, you can win the car with SP. of course there are also normal races waiting for you to join!

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    Dec 3, 2019
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  • Before the game begins, the system will provide players with a game video, this video will introduce players to the origins of the city, but also contains some of the city's scenery. In the city, the player can not only gallop on a wide horse, but also in the sewers, bridges, in short, every corner of the city can appear your figure. This is a completely free state, no one will interrupt your time, only when you change cars, enter the race will feel the feeling of being temporary.

    In this game, you don't have to race at all to get the cars you want, you just need to find them, in a simple way, maybe they are placed on the roof, or maybe they just stay in front of you in a big way.

    Each car you get will be the most basic car configuration, there is no nitrous acceleration system, only the most basic tires, the basic shifting system, because you need to gradually upgrade your car, the way is through the points to get quality game accessories, want to quickly get game points you need to make a variety of violations, such as: caught by the speed camera, directly over the roadblock, get rid of the police car arrest and so on a series, you can get the corresponding points, in short, the fastest way to get points is to go to the race.

    Each car you choose will have five races, each of the same difficulty, of course the game will be different, there are racing sprint, mountain road, ring road, etc., but you can not violate the traffic rules, if you win the first place, or get the first few rankings, you can get some special items, such as gearboxes, tires, etc..

    Need for Speed Most Wanted has almost no plot, players just need to become the best and strongest racer in the whole city, but you need to keep racing to finally beat the strongest 10 opponents, can you do it? Looking forward to your race!


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